About Us

On February 4th, 2000, New Generation Cleaning was founded by the Owner, Sylvia Redmond. Office space used was located in her home. The first client was obtained as a result of responding to an advertisement in the Topeka Capital-Journal newspaper for a house cleaner.

January 2001, the business name was changed to Cleaning Etc. to better portray the types of services that were offered and to set the vision of the company’s future. Office space used was in a home establishment.

In 2003 the business expanded to include all other services as a result of Sylvia Redmond getting married to Roscoe Ballinger, Jr. The talents that Roscoe had were a welcomed addition to the expansion of services for Cleaning Etc. Sylvia’s three sons, Brandon Ewing, DeMarco Ewing, and Joseph Elrod, Jr., were also involved in the daily duties of operating the business.

In 2004 the business continued to grow and an advertisement was placed in the Southwestern Bell Yellow Pages which generated additional calls for services. The increase in calls for services enabled more employees to become a part of Cleaning Etc.

In March 2005, Roscoe Ballinger, Jr. died. Roscoe’s death opened doors for more people to become a part of the team to contribute the skills that they all possess.

June 2007, we leased our first offsite office space at 2450 SE 29th St., Suite 100 in Topeka, Kansas.

July 2011, leased new office space located in Topeka, Kansas at 1415 SW Topeka Blvd., Suite B.

Today, we still clean the 1st client’s home that started the business in February 2000. Cleaning Etc. is a growing business with a blessed future in the years to come.


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